Ultra-puffy galaxy (UPG) sample in Li et al. (2022, Paper I)

× Instruction: This page shows the cutout images of ultra-puffy galaxies (UPGs) in Li et al. (2022, Paper I). The user can click "--> Choose image source <--" and select the desired image source. HSC-SSP PDR2 is recommended due to its depth. Hovering over the image will display the coordinates and ID of the galaxy. It takes several minutes to load all the images for the first time. When clicking on the individual image, the user will be redirected to the corresponding coordinate in the Legacy Survey Viewer

Images retrieved from Legacy Surveys Sky Viewer, SDSS, and DSS.
Modified by Jiaxuan Li, based on Yao-Yuan Mao's DECaLS image list tool.
Maintainance at NERSC may affect the cutout service of the DESI Legacy Imaging Surveys.
An alternative Legacy Surveys Viewer is available, but has no cutout service.
No cutout image shows up? Try choosing SDSS:DR16 or DSS from the dropdown menu.